What am I supposed to do?

I love how practical God’s Word is. So many things are so clear from the Scriptures. But God in His wisdom has not only given us clear direction on some things He has gifted us freedom in other areas. One of the areas that I am wrestling with is simply this: What is God’s will in this area? I am sure we all wrestle with that question multiple times in our lifetimes. It could be a huge decision such as a job, a house, a major purchase or something simple and every day like should I exercise today 🙂

In recent days I have found great counsel in this simple truth. No matter how clear or how vague the sense of God’s leading is or is not, one thing is always crystal clear. What I need more than answers or guidance on a decision is simply this: the promise of God’s presence always being with me.

Psalm 23:4 says this truth so simply “….you are with me...”. In the times of clarity and in the fog. When life is about coasting and when life is crawling. God promises me what I need the most: Himself.

That’s a truth I am leaning into in these days.

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