I’m not the most patient person. In fact if you were to line up 100 random people and order them based on their ability to be patient I would definitely be towards the back of the line….if not one of the last. I know some people are just more naturally patient than others. Some people are just born with an easier going personality. But I was definitely not one of those naturally patient people.


Do you remember that movie “Zootopia’ – there is this is character ‘Flash’ who’s a sloth. The main character in the movie ‘Judy Hoop’ is in a rush. Judy rushes in to get some information and she is met by Flash who takes forever to speak. Then goes on to tell a joke and that takes even longer. I got so impatient even watching that part of the movie!!


I like quick fixes to problems. I like walking right up to a counter and speaking to someone. I like four way stops where I’m the only person around. In my home town we have this four way stop and it can be pretty stressful. As some people just want to go in front no matter who’s there first. Others just sit there and wait for everyone to go. So you are getting the picture about me by now – I don’t much like waiting. I really don’t like waiting when I don’t know what I am waiting for.


But in this season in my life God is calling me to do just that – to be patient and wait. To trust that He’s working on His plan and when He thinks I should know what that plan is I am sure that He will let me know. So today I am learning that even impatient high energy people have to learn to wait and be patient. This week in my devotions I’ve been looking at various passages about waiting and found this amazing verse. I hope this encourages you as it’s encouraged me – Isaiah 40:31 ‘…they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength…‘ If you read the rest of Isaiah 40 you will find some amazing, life changing reasons for resting in God as you wait.

Try and have a good weekend, especially if you have to wait in traffic or in a long line!

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