A loud shout ‘There has to be something more’

Have you ever gone through a really hard time and felt like you are alone and no one really understands? In times of suffering and pain the sense of isolation can be so real. You may walk down the street carrying this pain in your heart and think you are the only one going through that pain. You can feel very much alone. No-one understands. Have you ever been in a crowd and felt so isolated and alone?

In my experience with depression I have found that there have been some very real times of isolation. It seems like everyone else is doing better than I am and everyone else seems to be stronger than I am. This perception can reinforce that sense of isolation. Here’s what I have found – It’s so easy to keep your head down looking at others and looking inside. These are some of the tools the enemy has used to keep me down.

But then I see in creation evidence for God. I see something in creation that shouts ‘There is more to this life than what I feel’. I regularly see in creation the shadow of the evidence for the existence of God. Take a look at this picture as an example. It won National Geographic 2017 Travel Photographer of the Year (Sergio Tapiro). Isn’t that an amazing picture?


Evolution doesn’t make any sense to me. When I look at pictures like this one all I hear is ‘Somebody designed that and they designed it to make a statement’. That statement is clearly this ‘There is a God and He is all powerful’. If God can create such an amazing world then surely He is all powerful and all knowing.

This thought and conclusion is not unique to me. Think about this verse: Psalm 19:1 – ‘The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims his handiwork’. God Word makes that clear statement – there is a God!

My perspective is changed when I look to Him and away from my own challenges and emotions. My faith encouraged as I remember God is all powerful. If God can create the world He can handle everything that comes my way. My worship is fired up as I think about the awe and wonder of all that God has made and how that reveals only a part of His power and creativity.

I hope and pray this though encourages you.

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